Being a partner

Being a partner in Mercy Partners brings with it benefits and responsibilities.

Benefits and responsibilities

Mercy Partners provides an opportunity for Catholic lay and religious people to share God’s mission in new ways. The Council is composed predominantly of lay and ministry boards are also predominantly lay.

As directors of companies and executives in ministries that are sponsored by one Church entity, there are now greater possibilities for collaboration and advocacy.

When a religious congregation transfers a ministry to Mercy Partners, it does not need to lose all association with that ministry. Indeed, the main reason for choosing to transfer a ministry to Mercy Partners is to ensure that the founding congregation’s charism (distinctive characteristics of their mission or values) lives on in the ministry.

Through Mercy Partners, members of the congregation can still be connected with the ministries that they established. Mercy Partners not only keeps them informed about developments, but, through the Stewards of Mercy Partners, the congregation may be part of future decision-making. Mercy Partners encourages congregations to maintain their connection to their former ministries.

Ministry functions and events and Mercy Partners functions always ensure that congregation members are able to participate in meaningful ways. This is essential to nurturing and passing on the charism.