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Mercy Day

20th Sep 2017

Mercy Day, 24 September 2017

Mercy Day commemorates the opening of the first House of Mercy in 1827 in Dublin, Ireland. We pray for blessings of Mercy to all on this special day.

Mercy Day 2017

Download Mercy Day message from Mercy Partners

Prayer for Mercy Day, 24 September 2017

God of the Universe,
Maker and Sustainer,
You are the true global presence of Mercy,
Your Mercy infuses every part of every/ thing.
Every part of every/ thing.
Guide and free us to act
with your righteous kindness
and piercing justice,
to bring all home, to be at home,
to be makers of home.

With thanks to Mary Wickham rsm and Mercy International Association.
Download the prayer pdf from Mercy International Association