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A Reflection for All Souls' Day

31st Oct 2017

All Souls' Day

On this special day in our church calendar we remember those who have died. Let’s take the time to call to mind those we have lost – family, friends, work colleagues and acquaintances. Let’s remember their smile, their words, their love … their legacy.

We remember with gratitude those who walked with us in our lives and who have passed away:

those who reached out to us when we were children, who loved us unconditionally
those who led and guided us – our teachers and mentors
those who inspired us through the courage of their lives
those who accepted us for who we are 
those who encouraged us to take risks and imagine the possibilities of our lives
those who kept us entertained with their laughter and lightheartedness
those who reminded us of the beauty of creation
those who modeled peace and forgiveness in an often unforgiving world
those who reminded us of the call to mercy in a suffering world.  

Adapted from Rupp: Out of the Ordinary p199


Loving God
You bless us with times and seasons 
Bringing in their course birthdays, saints days and holy days
May we be steadied by the rhythm of the seasons
By their call to remembrance
To celebration 
To reflection
To hope.
May those we remember this All Souls' Day
Warm the spaces of our hearts where their love remains forever. 

Adapted from Steindl-Rast: 99 Blessings. p38

All Souls' Day

Let us also remember those who are long forgotten by the living but whose markers still stand in mute commemoration of a life. 

Ancient granite
green softened
grey mottled
What life do you commemorate?
What dreams and hopes?
What message would you share with the passerby?
The timeless cycles of the earth have wiped away memories and even words on stone.
Just the whispers of the tree and grass remain, where heaven meets earth.
Resting place. Faceless place. Nameless place.

– Glendalough, October 2017