2017 Prayer Resources

2017 Prayer Resource cover

Spiritual Works of Mercy
Prayer is essential at the commencement of a Board meeting for focus, to reinforce Catholic identity and to call God’s blessings on the proceedings. Prayer time is also formative as it allows those present to examine aspects of life, faith and experience. 

You may choose to download the whole resource package or download individual resources listed below. All files are pdf.

Board Prayer Resource Introduction
Nurturing a Merciful Heart

1. Comfort the Sorrowful
2. Council the Doubtful
3. Instruct the Uninformed
4. Warn the Sinner
5. Bear Wrongs Patiently

6. Forgive Offenses Willingly
7. Pray for the Living and the Dead
8. Contemplate God's World Gratefully
9. Struggle to Love Our Neighbour

A version of the Board Prayer Resource has been adapted for general useDownload the general use version of this resource

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