About us

Mercy Partners was established in 2008 to ensure the future of ministries conducted by the Sisters of Mercy in Queensland. The Presentation Sisters of Queensland and the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception then also transferred their secondary girls' schools. Mercy Partners has the capacity to sponsor in the name of the Catholic Church any ministry entrusted to it.

Meaning of our name 'Mercy Partners'

The word mercy in our name refers to the mercy of God and to the works of mercy that all Christians are called to perform. 

Read about our Sisters of Mercy heritage, Presentation Sisters heritage, Franciscan Sisters heritage, and the creation of Mercy Partners.

The word partners in our name refers to the sense of partnership between ministries of Mercy Partners with the Council and Stewards. This partnership is based on the theological idea of communio – of forging a real communion of charisms and gifts to undertake God’s mission.