Mercy Partners has a governing Council of seven.

Role of the council

The council meets each month to ensure we stay true to our purpose and that our business affairs are conducted in accordance with civil and church law. The Council is supported by a small executive and administrative team located in Brisbane. Each year a report on the activities of Mercy Partners is submitted to the Holy See.

Membership of the council

The majority of councillors are appointed by the Stewards of Mercy Partners. The remainder are appointed by the council itself.

Read about our current councillors.


The Queensland Sisters of Mercy resourced the establishment of Mercy Partners. Our ongoing work is funded through an annual stewardship fee paid by each transferred ministry.


At Mercy Partners we work collaboratively with a broad range of agencies in and outside the Catholic Church to carry out our mission and ensure the future of the ministries entrusted to us.

We maintain close relationships with other public juridic persons (PJPs) and associations of Christ’s faithful, and with official church agencies such as:

We also engage with diocesan bishops whenever possible.

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