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Mission and Values

We express God's mission through the ministries entrusted to our care,ย  in accordance with their founding charisms.

Our mission is to contribute to the emergence of a world where the healing, liberating and life-giving mercy of God is experienced.

Mercy Partners Mission Statement

The Expression of Our Mission

  1. Conduct ministries in the name of the Catholic Church, that:
    • Offer quality services in aged care, health, education and community services, regularly critiqued against our stated values
    • Promote the wellbeing of people, encouraging them to realise their God-given potential
    • Respect and reverence the interdependence of all creation.
  2. Respond compassionately and creatively to existing and emerging needs within communities.
  3. Advocate in the public forum on behalf of the poor and disadvantaged.
    • in particular, those associated with our ministries, so that mercy values find expression in policy and practice.
  4. Provide a pathway in the Catholic Church for canonical leadership of ministries by laypeople.

Our Core Values

A stained glass window, filled with bright colour and the words


Those who show compassion, demonstrate compassion for self and others.ย  By showing compassion they acknowledge Godโ€™s presence in all people and honour the dignity of all of Godโ€™s creation.

A person walks across a zebra crossing holding a cardboard sign with the word


Those who show justice, live and promote right relationships with God, self, neighbour and creation.ย  By upholding human rights they accept their responsibilities to one another, and strive to provide fair access to the world’s resources for all people.



Those who show respect, honour the integrity and diversity of creation.ย  By respecting the unique dignity of every human person, they recognise and see in all people and in the created world the image and likeness of God.

A garden with statues of children in the background covered in green leaves, in the foreground is the word


Those who show hope, live the resurrection story by trusting in the transforming power of God.ย  By cultivating authenticity, a resilient spirit and a focus on gratitude and reflection, they persevere through difficulties, act with integrity, and serve with joy.