Our logo

Mercy Partners logo

The Mercy Partners logo is a simple representation of the cross and of our mission and values. It is a registered trademark and cannot be used or amended without our permission.


The design elements are:

  • The cross, representing the saving action of Jesus, and embodying the mission and values of Mercy Partners:
    • His compassion and saving action
    • justice for all, especially the poor and marginalised
    • respect for all creation
    • hope for the Kingdom of God.
  • The golden yellow curves symbolise openness, movement, the female form, and the spirit as partner with the ministries to bring forth the mission of Mercy Partners.
  • The colour yellow signifies energy and warmth, creation and life, while the colour blue draws on the traditional colour of mercy.
  • The typeface for the tagline ‘Mercy Partners’ is traditional and formal, complementing the strong values of the group. The serif typeface is seen to be lifting and supporting the extended cross.

We also use the image of the sunrise in our publications banner as a metaphor for the emergence of a new canonical entity, resplendent with hope and promise.

Apply for permission to use the Mercy Partners logo.