Permission to use logo

Mercy Partners logo

The Mercy Partners logo is a registered trademark. It cannot be used or amended without our permission.

Steps to gaining permission

Step 1 Download the Logo and tagline request and release form, and email it to us.

Be sure to tell us:

  • why you need the logo
  • how it will be reproduced (i.e. offset printing, desktop/office printing, online reproduction)
  • whether it will be appearing alongside other ministry or corporate logos
  • whether space is a consideration — are you wanting to put the logo on to, for example, a name tag, business card, or other small item?

Step 2 When permission is granted, you will receive the appropriate file. Place the logo according to our instructions.

Step 3 Send us an electronic scan of the logo in situ so that we know it has been used correctly.

General points to note

  • The logo should preferably be placed in the top right-hand corner of a document. If this is impractical, it may be placed in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • The integrity of white space around the logo must be maintained (contact us for exclusion zone specifications).
  • The logo must not be stretched out of proportion.
  • The logo must be large enough for the logotype ‘Mercy Partners’ to be legible but not so large as to dominate the page.
  • If appearing with other logos, it must be proportionate with the other logos.
  • If appearing on a small object such as a nametag, seek our advice.