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Advent Moment – Third Sunday of Advent – 2021

Advent Moments Issue 20
Third Sunday of Advent

This Advent we acknowledge the importance of community and connectedness.

… Aboriginal understanding of the individual is in relation to the family, the community, the tribe, the land and the spiritual beings of the lore and dreaming… The person is not seen as separate, but in relationship to and with others.

Advent invites us to celebrate community and our connectedness to all of creation. The child dancing in Elizabeth’s womb is symbolic of the dance within each person’s heart and within all the universe… when I greet another person or any element of the universe with hospitality – that is, with welcome and acceptance, with wonder and awe – I am bonded… and the dance goes on.
(J. Rupp. The Star in My Heart. 1990. p.21)

A painting by indigenous artist Robyn Davis titled “The Gift”. Robyn has combined rich colours, simple figures and elaborate dot work to create this striking nativity scene in which the wise men are depicted as emus. The track surrounding the scene develops branches leading to Christ, symbolic of the journey we can all take towards God.

The journey of Jesus’ birth was shared with a community of welcome, relationship, hospitality and love.


How can Advent offer you opportunities to celebrate community and connectedness?