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Advent Moment – Fourth Sunday of Advent – 2021

Advent Moments Issue 21
Fourth Sunday of Advent

This Advent we acknowledge the wisdom that surrounds us… especially that of our First Nations People, the created world, our communities and religious traditions.

The figures of the Magi in the Christmas story place the events of Jesus’ birth in the wider frame of eastern mysticism, astrology, cosmology and ancient wisdom reinforcing the incarnation as evolving and timeless – Christ has been present in our world since the dawn of time itself. As we conclude our Advent journey, we pray in the words of Joyce Rupp:

Emmanuel, God-with-us…You came in human form with a message of extravagant love, showing us how to be with those who have much less than we do.Change our hearts. Turn them inside out, toward the larger world.
(Prayer Seeds. 2017. p.2)

A painting by indigenous artist Robyn Davis titled “The Gift”. Robyn has combined rich colours, simple figures and elaborate dot work to create this striking nativity scene in which the wise men are depicted as emus. The track surrounding the scene develops branches leading to Christ, symbolic of the journey we can all take towards God.

What insights have you received from your Advent reflections?