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First Sunday of Advent – 2021

Advent Moments Issue 18
First Sunday of Advent

This Advent we acknowledge our need to reconnect with the land and the beauty of the created world. First Nations people teach us that,

… the power to transform is given within the land and is available to the human psyche or soul. Land is the medium of all aliveness and soul is the human’s ability to participate in that aliveness.(Fletcher, F. Jesus and the Dreaming. 2013. P. 225)

Advent invites us to spend time in the natural world, to appreciate the sacraments of beauty that surround us each day. Advent offers us time to consider our oneness with all of creationand to know… the unnameable, and untameable presence of the Divine in all things.(Newell, J.P. The Rebirthing of God. 2015. p.1).

A painting by indigenous artist Robyn Davis titled “The Gift”. Robyn has combined rich colours, simple figures and elaborate dot work to create this striking nativity scene in which the wise men are depicted as emus. The track surrounding the scene develops branches leading to Christ, symbolic of the journey we can all take towards God.

Mary and Joseph’s long journey to Bethlehem, along river plains, arid slopes and hills, brought them the blessings of sunshine, fresh breezes and star filled nights.


Where could you find peace and connection in the natural world in this Advent Season?