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Advent Moment – Second Sunday of Advent – 2021

Advent Moments Issue 19
Second Sunday of Advent

This Advent we acknowledge the gifts of women in our families, communities and world. As a creation story from the First Nations People of Central and North Queensland reminds us,

Women in Aboriginal life were nurturers, leaders, carriers of the flame and keepers of wisdom. The creation story of the Seven Sisters saw them come down from the heavens bringing everything that was beautiful in the world.
(Mercy Partners Formation. 2021).

Mary of Nazareth was a woman who walked closely with Sophia (wisdom). Mary reflected on the events of her life, looking at them like photographs, pondering them, recalling what had taken place, seeing the truths that were part of her life.
(Rupp, J. The Star in My Heart. 1990. p.65)

A painting by indigenous artist Robyn Davis titled “The Gift”. Robyn has combined rich colours, simple figures and elaborate dot work to create this striking nativity scene in which the wise men are depicted as emus. The track surrounding the scene develops branches leading to Christ, symbolic of the journey we can all take towards God.

Mary’s life of self-giving love is at the heart of our Christmas story.


Who are the women for whom you can give thanks in this Season of Advent?