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Advent Moment – First Sunday of Advent – 2022

Advent Moments Issue 24

First Sunday of Advent

Give the gift of kindness

I never tire of being amazed at the presence of kindness. Perhaps that’s due to living in an age when world news includes vast amounts of humanity’s unkindness … if I look for kind deeds, I’ll find that my world has an abundance of these … a good portion of kindness goes by unnoticed. In a way, kindness is like a little miracle. We go about our day expecting it to be quite ordinary and then someone’s thoughtfulness touches us with comfort, assistance, needed joy, assurance, laughter, hope-filled insight, or some other form of blessedness (Joyce Rupp: Return to the Root. 2021. 24).

Biblical Scene - Birth Of Jesus In Bethlem

Where can you give the gift of kindness this Advent season?