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Advent Moment – Second Sunday of Advent – 2022

Advent Moments Issue 25

Second Sunday of Advent

Give the gift of love

Love has bridged the high-rises of despair we were about to fall between.

Love has been a penlight in the blackest, bleakest nights.

Love has been … a poultice, a dinghy, a coat.

Love is why we have hope.

God is love, we Christians like to remind ourselves, and every act of love highlights God in the world, because love is not just an idea. Love is something alive, living, personal, and true, the creating and nourishing power within life (Anne Lamott: Almost Everything. 2018. In Joyce Rupp: Return to the Root. 2021. 30).

Biblical Scene - Birth Of Jesus In Bethlem

Where can you give the gift of love to the world in this Advent season?

How can love make it onto your Christmas giving list?