Mercy Partners Formation

The centrepiece of our engagement with ministry leaders is our Formation Program.


Mercy Partners Conceptual Framework for Mission Formation
Mercy Partners Conceptual Framework for Mission Formation

The program aims to form leaders who understand their responsibilities as part of the Catholic Church and are committed to mercy in action. It also connects participants with each other, with religious congregations, with other ministries of Mercy Partners, and with the Church community.

The program encourages participants to examine anew the significance of the founding stories of their ministries, as a way of discovering the different ways in which we can carry out God’s mission. Participants explore the concept of charism, which reveals how the Spirit guides us all to do God’s work.

The program as a whole emphasises the need for a personal commitment to the Gospels and the mission to establish the Kingdom of God.

A personal spirituality is fostered through:

  • opportunities to connect to a community of faith and worship
  • time for theological reflections as a process for grappling with current and emerging issues
  • discussion on the nature and practice of leadership
  • resources designed to deepen understanding of contemporary themes in mercy, theology, and spirituality
  • engagement with the scriptures
  • developing tools for the spiritual life
  • engendering a contemplative stance
  • incorporating prayer and sacrament into everyday life
  • listening to, and reflecting on, the stories of individuals and ministries (local and global).

The Mercy Partners program was begun in 2009. The increasing numbers registering to participate testify to the spiritual and practical value of our formation activities.

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A Heart for Mercy

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