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Complimentary Resources

Mercy Partners produces a range of complimentary resources which are able to be downloaded from this page of our website.

Mercy Partners produces two booklets – Theological Framework and Travelling a Well-lit Path.  All of which are available for complimentary download below.

Book Cover: Mercy Partners Theological Framework
Theological Framework

The Theological Framework is significant because it marks a moment in time – a crystallisation of the many hours of thinking, dialogue and writing that have occurred since Mercy Partners inception to come to a deep understanding of Mercy Partners as a gift of the Holy Spirit to the world.  Commissioned by the Council in 2014, the Theological Framework was written by Australian theologian Dr Christiaan Jacobs-Vandegeer in consultation with the Council.

In 2016, the document received the Imprimatur of the Archbishop of Brisbane, Most Reverend Mark Coleridge.

Download a copy now
Book Cover: Mercy Partners Travelling a Well-lit Path
Travelling a Well-lit Path

Travelling a Well-lit Path was commissioned by Mercy Partners Council and authored by inaugural Chair Sr Anne Hetherington rsm, details the founding years of Mercy Partners.  November 14, 2018 marked the tenth anniversary of Mercy Partners establishment by pontifical rite as an Ecclesial Public Juridic Person.

To mark the occasion, Mercy Partners Council hosted an anniversary Mass and Reception at The Cathedral of St Stephen on November 19. Travelling a Well-lit Path was launched at the November 19 event.

Download a copy now

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Should you have a question about our Formation resources or require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Formation team.