Board Prayer Resource - 2016

Mercy Partners developed a series of reflections on aspects of Mercy designed to be part of ministry prayer during the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.

Prayer is essential at the commencement of a Board Meeting for focus, to reinforce Catholic identity and to call God’s blessings on the proceedings. Prayer time is also formative as it allows those present to examine aspects of life, faith and experience. The prayer resources below focus on the nature of mercy and its application personally and communally as the Year of Mercy unfolded. You may choose to download the whole resource package or download individual resources listed below. All files are pdf:

  1. Opening the Door to the Gift of Mercy
  2. The Quality of Mercy
  3. Revolutionary Mercy 
  4. Mercy is Inclusive
  5. Being Mercy
  6. Building Communities of Mercy
  7. Countercultural Mercy
  8. Living Mercy: Mary
  9. Living Mercy: Founders
    1. Catherine McAuley (Sisters of Mercy tradition)
    2. Nano Nagle (Presentation tradition)
    3. St Francis of Assisi (Franciscan tradition)
  10. Mercy Takes Many Forms

A version of the Board Prayer Resource has been adapted for general use. Download the general use version of this resource

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