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All Shall Be Well

Mercy Moments Issue 112

This year our Mercy Moments will delve into ancient and indigenous wisdom. Recently Richard Rohr shared this beautiful reflection on Lady Julian of Norwich written by Mirabai Starr (Center for Action and Contemplation. Accessed 6th April 2021).  

“What does Julian of Norwich, a fourteenth century Catholic anchoress, who spent the majority of her adult life cloistered in a small stone cell attached to a church, have to teach us here and now?”  

“She reveals the feminine face of the Divine in all its radiance and reminds us to seek God there. She teaches us that God’s love has nothing to do with rules and retribution and everything to do with mercy and compassion. She shows us that our failings and transgressions are simply an opportunity to learn and grow, and should be honored as such, but not dwelled upon. She translates the sorrows of this life as tastes of Christ’s passion and assures us that all passing pain will be transmuted into endless joy.” 

Lit candles in an old church.

Most of all, Julian of Norwich promises that, in spite of appearances to the contrary, all is well. Not just that creation was beautifully made to begin with, and that it will all work out in the end, but that everything is all right at every moment, if we could only look through the eyes of love. Such a perspective is difficult to sustain, Julian would be the first to admit. In rare moments of unitive consciousness—watching the sun rise, maybe, or giving birth, or singing to God in community—we may have fleeting glimpses of the cosmic design and see that it is good. But then the veil drops again and we forget” (Starr. M. 2013. The Showings of Julian of Norwich: A New Translation. Hampton Roads. p. xix). 

The wisdom of mystics like Julian of Norwich can enrich our lives in many ways, by their example we are gifted with a guide to live a spiritual life. A life where God’s promises are even greater than our expectations. May we be open to see more clearly and to embrace our faith journey with such fortitude, courage and hope. 


What are the moments of unitive consciousness that you appreciate in your life?