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The Call to be Prophets

Mercy Moments Issue 151

The Call to be Prophets

In her book The Time is Now, Joan Chittister writes:

Everywhere there are people who, despite finding themselves mired in periods of national darkness or personal marginalisation refuse to give up the thought of a better future or give in to the allurements of a deteriorating present. They never lose hope that the values they learned in the best of times or the courage it takes to reclaim their world from the worst of times are worth the commitment of their lives. These people, the best of ourselves, are legion and they are everywhere (2019. preface)

Her words are a powerful reminder of Jesus’ call to social action and advocacy. To feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, visit the imprisoned, comfort the grieving – to help those made poor and vulnerable through the greed of our economic and social systems.

As Chittister notes: to be a follower of Jesus and ignore those who sit blind by the side of the road calling for help because we say, we are too busy to do anything, unmasks our commitment to comfort. The question is not, what are we doing? The question is, What should we be doing in this time and on this day and in this particular situation (p. 59)

As Catholic ministries, the preferential option for the poor is non-negotiable. Catholic identity is made present in how we cater for all of those in our communities who struggle, who grieve, who are dealing with hurt and disappointment, seen and unseen.

As Chittister’s words at the beginning of this reflection suggest, the actions large and small of average people will make a difference … and in our Catholic communities there are many many people doing their small bit to make a difference in the lives of others.

Let’s celebrate the prophets in our midst!

Let us be average but courageous people
who forever seek the truth,
defend the weak,
bring the peace,
and always, always, always stand up to protect injustice (preface)



How are you called to be a prophet in your ministry?