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St Patrick’s College Townsville

St Patrick’s College Townsville is a Catholic independent educational community in the Mercy tradition.

Logo: St Patrick's College Townsville

St Patrick’s College Townsville is a beacon of hope, fostering ambition and compassion to create a better world.

Vision Statement

The Mission of St Patrick’s College is to promote fullness of life and nurture excellence in learning for all young women in a joyful environment. When the Sisters of Mercy arrived in Townsville in 1878, they recognised the importance of providing an education for young women that would enable them to assume their role in society with confidence and to be initiators of change within the spirit of the Mercy tradition.

The Mercy tradition is based on the values of compassion, respect, integrity, justice, hope and joy, as inspired by Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy. This tradition remains strong in the culture of St Patrick’s College Townsville today. Our students are encouraged to learn about these values, to understand their meaning and to apply them to their everyday lives in how they respect themselves, others and the world around them.

We warmly welcome girls from all cultures and faiths, contributing to our College culture of international-mindedness where tolerance, respect and understanding are rigorously promoted. At St Patrick’s College Townsville, we strive to educate our girls to be women of mercy in how they think, act, learn and grow. Our ministry story is ever-present through daily prayer, special occasion Mass, and student engagement in Liturgies, Mercy Girls in Action and McAuley Ministry. 

St Patrick’s College Townsville enjoys a strong reputation in North Queensland. With an expert teaching team, an outstanding pastoral care system and an innovative, inclusive and positive learning culture designed especially for girls, students are encouraging to be creative, collaborative and compassionate. 

St Patrick’s College Townsville students are supported to have the courage of their convictions to do more and be more than they ever thought possible. In doing so, they leave our College as confident, hopeful, purposeful young women, leaders and agents of change. 

St Patrick’s College Townsville was entrusted to the care of Mercy Partners by the Sisters of Mercy Townsville Congregation (now incorporated into the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea) on 18 November 2011. 

St Patrick's College Townsville