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Ministry Portal

The information contained within these Ministry Portal pages of the Mercy Partners website is deemed to be commercial-in-confidence. 

Ministry staff visiting this Portal agree to hold all information published as confidential. 

If you have forgotten your Ministry Portal login information, please contact Mercy Partners.

The building of partnerships cultivates a diversity of gifts and charisms, embracing
lay leadership, and creativity responds to the changing needs of many ministries.

Source: Mercy Partners Theological Framework

Welcome to the Mercy Partners Ministry Portal

Mercy Partners and their Ministries work together for mutual benefit and the enhancement of Mission.  Mercy Partners encourages open communication, close working relationships with the Ministries and ensures appropriate support, oversight, and accountability is provided.   

The Ministry Portal has been designed specifically for our Ministries and contains our Annual Ministry Planning Guide along with all of the referenced policies, protocols and procedures, along with all the forms and templates mentioned throughout the Planning Guide.  In addition, the Portal contains electronic downloadable copies of all of our Formation resources.  The Portal is able to be accessed 24/7.

Please note that the information published on the Ministry Portal is generic and does not contain any specific information on our Ministries.

Annual Ministry Planning Guide



To encourage positive working relationships with our Ministries, our Annual Ministry Planning Guide has been developed as a quick reference guide on the following key areas: 

  • Formation Support 

  • Grants Available

  • Board Approvals and Advice 

  • Ministry Reporting Responsibilities 

  • Marketing and Brand Support
  • Connect with Mercy Partners 

To download the latest edition of our Annual Ministry Planning Guide, please click on the below link.

Download a Copy

For further reading on the content included in the Annual Ministry Planning Guide including supporting documentation, please click on the Read More button below in the relevant subject matter section.

Formation Support

The Mercy Partners Formation Directorate offers a range of programs, events, resources and support for leaders in Mercy Partners ministries to foster and incorporate the founding congregations culture, values, charism and Catholic identity.

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Kitchen Romero Cooks
Grants Available

As ministries of Mercy Partners, you are able to apply for sponsorship to support the formation of your staff with their education and development goals and responsibilities.  In addition, grants are available through the Nudgee Trust.

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MP Board
Board Approvals and Advice

Throughout the year, Ministries will require the Board of Mercy Partners, as the member for each Ministry, to undertake their Reserved Powers to approve a range of activities.

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Ministry Reporting Responsibilities

Ministries of Mercy Partners are required to undertake regular reporting through the year on the governance of their ministry.  This reporting includes quarterly or half yearly reports and update presentations to the Board of Mercy Partners.

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Marketing and Branding Support

A unified and consistent approach to describing and acknowledging the relationship between your ministry and Mercy Partners is integral and should be reflected in all marketing and communications materials. 

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Connect with Mercy Partners

There are numerous ways to keep connected with Mercy Partners through our Facebook page, seasonal newsletter, Mercy Moments or via our regular news stories featured on our website.

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