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Board Approvals and Advice

The information contained within these Ministry Portal pages of the Mercy Partners website is deemed to be commercial-in-confidence.ย 

Ministry staff visiting this Portal agree to hold all information published as confidential.ย 

If you have forgotten your Ministry Portal login information, please contact Mercy Partners.

Throughout the year, Ministries will require the Board of Mercy Partners, as the member for each Ministry, to undertake their Reserved Powers to approve the following:

  • Appointing and removing Directors of the Company.
  • Appointing the Chair and Deputy Chair from time to time and set their respective terms in office.
  • To approve any long-term financial commitment by the Company whether secured or unsecured in excess of the limits set up by the Member (Mercy Partners) from time to time.
  • Approving the purchase or disposal of a property.
  • To approve a Ministry entering into a loan agreement and encumbering property.
  • To amend a constitution of a Ministry.
  • To approve the appointment, engagement and removal of Auditors of the Company.

Detailed information on the approval process along with the submission process and deadlines, can be found in the Annual Ministry Planning Guide.

Annual Ministry Planning Guide

To encourage positive working relationships with our Ministries, our Annual Ministry Planning Guide has been developed as a quick reference guide on ministry governance requirements.ย 

To download the latest edition of our Annual Ministry Planning Guide, please click on the below link.

Download now

To access the policies, protocols and procedures, along with the forms and templates that support Board approvals and advice, please click on the tabs below.

Have a question?

Ministries are welcome to contact Mercy Partners should they have a question or require something specific that is not published on the Ministry Portal.