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Marketing and Brand Support

The information contained within these Ministry Portal pages of the Mercy Partners website is deemed to be commercial-in-confidence. 

Ministry staff visiting this Portal agree to hold all information published as confidential. 

If you have forgotten your Ministry Portal login information, please contact Mercy Partners.

Mercy Partners is connected with each ministry through their story and identity, and it is critical for this to be reflected in all marketing and communications materials.

A unified and consistent approach to describing and acknowledging the relationship between your ministry and Mercy Partners is integral.  This can be undertaken through the use of a tagline acknowledgement and relationship descriptor.


Tagline Acknowledgement

In line with your Mercy Partners’ Stewardship Agreement, ministries are required to publicly acknowledge their connection to Mercy Partners through the inclusion of a tagline “A Ministry of Mercy Partners”.  This tagline should be included on such things as:


  • Website – including the Relationship Descriptor (refer to the Relationship Descriptors section of this Brand Book for details)
  • E-signatures

Marketing Materials

  • Letterhead
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures including your Annual Report
  • Other publicly facing documents
  • Media release templates
  • Formal event invitations templates
  • Job advertisements

Branding Material

  • Ministry logo (tagline) – this is optional (refer to the Mercy Partners Logo Usage section in this Brand Book for details)

The positioning of the tagline on the above items is at the discretion of each ministry so that it aligns with its own branding requirements. 

Tagline Artwork Approval

To ensure the tagline is implemented correctly, ministries are asked to submit draft artwork incorporating the tagline for Mercy Partners to review and approve. 

Approval requests should be emailed through to


Relationship Descriptors

To assist with describing the relationship between ministries and Mercy Partners, the below acknowledgment can be used.  This should be used on ministry websites (the suggested location is the Ministry’s About or History pages of their website), in brochures etc.

When using this acknowledgement on the Ministry’s website, it is recommended that ministries link their website to the Mercy Partners website (

Below is the relationship that needs to be updated with the ministry’s name, Congregation/Order name and transition date.

<insert ministry name> is under the canonical sponsorship and civil ownership of Mercy Partners.  The ministry was entrusted to Mercy Partners by the <insert Congregation/Order name> on <insert transition date >. 

 The Mercy Partners ministerial PJP assumes the role of the canonical sponsor of <insert ministry name>.  The civil relationship is that Mercy Partners Limited is the sole Member of the organisation that operates the Ministry.  The day-to-day operations of the <insert ministry name> remains under the governance of their board.

 Mercy Partners commits to ensure that their ministries flourish as Catholic ministries that contribute to the emergence of a world where the healing, liberating and life-giving mercy of God is experienced. 

Mercy Partners Logo Usage

Ministries of Mercy Partners are able to use the Mercy Partners logo.   To request use of the Mercy Partners logo, please provide details of how the logo will be used along with supporting artwork (if available).  Once received, Mercy Partners will review the request and provide approval.   Such logo use requests should be emailed to