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Formation in Action – October 2023

Mercy Partners Formation has been busy preparing for the Advent season. Advent, a period of anticipation leading up to Christmas, serves as a time for us to ready ourselves for the joyous celebration of the birth of Jesus. Within our homes and workplaces, the presence of the Christmas nativity scene provides us with an opportunity for deep contemplation and wonderment, as it allows us to immerse ourselves in the historical significance of the events that unfolded in Bethlehem.

Francis of Assisi had a special devotion to the Child Jesus, and he is credited with creating the first nativity scene on Christmas Eve of the year 1223. In Greccio, where the etymology of the word “creche” originates, the caves reminiscent of the Bethlehem countryside served as the inspiration for this profound creation.

800 hundred years ago… “Francis transformed one of the natural caves of the mountain into a chapel, and in that little space, he created a manger filled with straw. He brought in the ox and ass and lit the hillside with torches so that the people from the region would see the mountain filled with light…”

To commemorate this significant anniversary, we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting mini-Advent Retreats and sharing our Advent Moments to celebrate a Very Franciscan Christmas throughout November and December.



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