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Annual Mercy Partners Ministry Board Chairs’ Gathering

On Wednesday 8 March 2023, Mercy Partners held its annual Ministry Board Chairs Gathering.  This was a virtual event attended by the Board of Mercy Partners along with the Board Chairs of our ministries. 

The forum provided an opportunity for the Board of Mercy Partners to update the Ministry Board Chairs with key activities including: 

  • An introduction to the four new Board Directors of Mercy Partners. 
  • Launch of the new Mercy Partners 2023-2025 Strategic Priorities. 
  • An update on incoming ministries joining the Mercy Partners family in 2023.  
  • An overview of the new ministry website portal. 
  • Launch of the new Mercy Partners Formation on Request showcasing our new formation offerings. 
  • A discussion on formation activities including the updating of our Partners in Mission series along with the requirements around the ministry’s formation activities reporting.   
  • A general update on marketing and communication activities. 

 Thank you to all the Mercy Partners Ministry Board Chairs for making this event a success in 2023!