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Mercy Community Aged Care welcomes Rockhampton and Townsville Aged Care teams

Over the past couple of months, we have seen the completion of the planned coming together of the three Sisters of Mercy aged care ministries across Queensland. Mercy Community Services SEQ (Mercy Community), with its strong corporate services, led this harmonisation firstly with Mercy Health and Aged Care Central Queensland in Rockhampton and more recently harmonisation has commenced with Mercy Community Services North Queensland in Townsville.

The Mercy Community Aged Care team has grown from approximately 200 team members to over 500 through this process. The diverse teams and regional strength in Mercy Community Aged Care bring a new richness to the rest of Mercy Community, along with extended and varied service offerings for the Aged Care community in Queensland.

The Mercy Community harmonisation teams have worked collaboratively with the experienced teams in Rockhampton to align their systems and processes, exchange ideas and learn from each other. We are all looking forward to seeing the same benefits as we bring the Townsville teams online with the rest of Mercy Community. 

 “I am very impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm we have witnessed from all our Aged Care and support services teams. At the centre of our joining forces and harmonising is a deep desire to better support our aging community as part of furthering our mission. I am also very proud to welcome the Townsville and Rockhampton teams into the Mercy Community family. I look forward to us all celebrating Mercy Day together this year,” says Fritha Radyk, CEO for Mercy Community.