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Governance in Action – October 2023 Highlights

St Rita’s College – Retirement Celebration for Dale Morrow  
28 October 2023

On Saturday, 28 October 2023 the St Rita’s College Board Chair and College Leadership Team held a retirement celebration to honour Principal, Dale Morrow who is retiring at the end of this year after 15 years of service.  The Deputy Chair, Kieran McCarthy, attended the celebration and represented Mercy Partners. 

Thank you Dale for your dedicated service to both St Rita’s College and the education sector. 


Mater People Awards  
27 October 2023  

The Mater held their annual People Awards on Friday, 27 October 2023 to recognise the passion, commitment and achievements of Mater People across Queensland.  Congratulations to all 300 nominees, finalists and winners for their continued passion and commitment.   

The Awards were attended by our Deputy Chair, Kieran McCarthy who represented Mercy Partners. 

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St Patrick’s College Townsville 2023 Speech Night  
20 October 2023 

On Friday, 20 October 2023, the St Patrick’s College community gathered to hold their 2023 speech night.  The College community came together to celebrate outstanding student achievement in academics, service, and leadership.  The evening included wonderful performances from the College choir, music ensembles, and dance troupe.   

Board Director, Prof Lee Anne Perry AM attended the Speech Night and represented Mercy Partners. 


Mount Alvernia College – 2023 Celebration of Excellence 
16 October 2023

Each year Mount Alvernia College comes together to showcase excellence across the College, acknowledge others’ success and to also allow Year 7 students to join in the celebration of the life of the College during their first year of secondary school.   Congratulations on a great night. 

Board Director, Prof Lee Anne Perry AM attended the event and represented Mercy Partners. 



St Rita’s College – Annual Thanksgiving Celebration and Presentation of College Awards 
16 October 2023  

On the evening of 16 October 2023, St Rita’s College held their Annual Thanksgiving Celebration and Presentation of their College Awards.  The night is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the year and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the St Rita’s community.  Congratulations to all the students that were nominated along with those that won an award.   

Deputy Chair, Kieran McCarthy, attended the event and represented Mercy Partners. 



All Hallows’ School – Celebration of Excellence Evening 
5 October 2023 

On Thursday evening, 5 October 2023, the All Hallows’ School community gathered for the annual Celebration of Excellence evening to recognise outstanding achievements in academics, culture, sports, Mercy Action, and service.   

Deputy Chair, Kieran McCarthy attended the event to represent Mercy Partners. 


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